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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Leap of Faith

Candidates are nominated by the bases of their respective parties, but presidents are elected by the middle. Sarah Palin is enamored by the right wing of the Republicans, but she has yet to make a dent among moderates, much less Democrats. And the strange thing is that she doesn't seem to fully grasp this.

She's spurned the advice of the many who told her to go back to Alaska, do a good job, study the issues, and strive to enhance her credibility among a larger constituency. She has chosen instead to galvanize her followers and perhaps champion a movement.

Supporters of hers, like William Kristol, believe her resignation as Governor of Alaska is a strategic move, while critics, like Ed Rollins, describe it as impulsive and "idiotic". I suggest it is both and it is neither.

Her decision is evidence of an amor fati, urging her to believe that out of execration will come triumph. And therefore, I expect she will continue to court controversy and invite criticism as she improvises an eccentric path to her Apocalypse.


Lorna said...

I admire the gal.


TallTchr said...

I thought you might, Lorna.

momcat said...

From what I have read, I expect some Alaskans are relieved!

Paula Slade said...

Hee-he-hee! I know I said this before, but "you betcha" sums it up! The woman is a wonder in psychodynamics! :-D