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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Guero Bear-o

I said good bye to an old friend this afternoon.
He first arrived around Christmas, thirteen years ago;
A stray running up and down my street,
Causing all the other pups on the block to raise a ruckus;
I went outside to shoo him away, but he came to me;
I threw a stone at him and he tried to fetch it;
He was mine--a 50th birthday present of himself to me.

After hosing him down, I saw he was a handsome boy;
And sweet--he didn't begrudge losing his masculinity.
He was never top-dog at my house,
But I don't think that mattered to him.
His smile never withheld the least bit of his heart.
And so he lived, and departed, in the wisdom of Milton's words:
"Who best bear his mild yoke, they serve Him best;"

1 comment:

Paula Slade said...

As a pet owner, having to make that final choice is without doubt one of the toughest decisions you'll ever make - I have been there and know.

May the happier memories of Guero replace that moment in time.

I am deeply sorry for your loss.